Month: June 2018

how does google find my website image of a group of people with their smart devices

How does Google find my Website?

By Lindy de Bruyn / 22nd June 2018

How does Google find my website? People often ask me: “How does Google find my website?”. And it’s not an easy question to answer. But it is important to understand this when you’re busy with SEO. In short, Google has an algorithm which does this. So let’s break it all down for a better understanding.…

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marketing on a budget image of a man and a women looking at a laptop smiling

Market Your Business on a Budget

By Lindy de Bruyn / 4th June 2018

How to market your business on a budget You want to market your business but think it is expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Fact is, with the boom of social media, you can market your business for free. And the only thing it’s going to cost is your time. But before you start posting…

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